With ‘If No Reply’ you can automate email marketing using Gmail

Using this mail automation tool, a business can schedule follow-up emails that only get sent if you don’t get a reply from a potential customer. ‘If No Reply’ (INR) works from within Google’s Gmail & it’ll save you time when you follow up with prospects, helping you make more conversions in the process.

There are a lot of tools & Gmail extensions available that you can use for sales automation, like PersistIQ, Reply,Outreach, ReBump… but none of them are as simple to use or as customizable as If Reply. Or so the makers of this tool claim.

This tool really shines for inbound & outbound sales or onboarding new users. It’s a big help in the typical user cases of emailing new prospects, messaging existing users, & automatically sending welcome emails to new website sign-ups.

According to Ed Moyse, founder of England-based Nimble Tech, the creators of the tool, following up leads by email is tough & time consuming. INR can be used in 3 main ways in your business:

  1. Sales outreach
  2. Inbound sales to existing customers
  3. Sending welcome mails to new costumers with INR’s API

It’s built from the ground up to work with Gmail, & integrates with the Gmail interface so there’s no need to learn anything new. It lets you preview & customize every email you send prior to a mail merge, all from within your standard Gmail compose window.

If No Reply also comes with a powerful, streamlined API, including detailed documentation that “ensures that you can hook us up to your system and get started within minutes.” It lets you create templates including fixed texts, send rules, merge tags & other customizations, so that you can quickly reuse them in future.

You can try If No Reply for free for up to 20 contacts per month by subscribing from their pricing page. Their “Startup” plan lets you have 1 team member with unlimited follow-ups & email up to 200 contacts per month, for US$10/month. They also offer “Pro” & “Power” plans, with 500 & unlimited contacts, costing US$20/month & US$40/month respectively.


– This is a startup profile based on publicly available material & not a review –  

Image Credit: If No Reply

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