Wikipedia English surpasses 5 million articles

wikimediafoundIt’s been almost 15 years since the English Wikipedia started providing what it calls “collaborative free knowledge.” Today, it has surpassed 5 million articles.

The milestone was reached with an article on the persoonia terminalis, a shrub of the family Proteaceae native to eastern Australia, said the official Wikimedia blog. It was created by Cas Liber, an Australian editor who has created almost 1,500 articles on the English Wikipedia in his more than 140,000 edits.

Wikipedia is the only Website run by a non-profit organization that finds in the top 35 most popular Websites. The total size of Wikipedia is massive, falling just short of 30 terabytes. It’s estimated that articles on Wikipedia use at minimum 18 million references, & comprise more than 2.5 billion words in total; it is the world’s go-to point of reference attracting more than half a billion page views every day.

Image Credit: Wikimedia Foundation




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