‘WeVoo’: A smartphone app for ‘live’ streaming & video chatting with free Cloud storage

wevooThis free cross platform app (iPhone & Android) called ‘WeVoo’ allows you to broadcast or ‘live’ stream & share video Content in its own social network settings & includes 5 GB of free Cloud storage. Content can be viewed by an interactive auience of followers who are approved by the Content producer & viewers can comment & even share views while the stream is ‘live’.

The startup is headed by Harry Sanga & is based in Jersey City, NJ, USA. It claims on its Website that its intended mission is to “enable everyone to communicate moments via video chat, broadcast events & enable ‘live’ streaming to “enhance” everyday life experiences. Also, enabling storage of broadcast Content for future review or sharing.” The company wants to promote the sharing of video Content on its network since its business model relies on targeted advertising based on sharable Content. Users can also make money by using WeVoo to do things like give Online courses, share medical procedures & conduct business meetings on a pay-per-view basis.”

With WeVoo you can either ‘live’ stream or stream recorded Content (with up to 5GB of cloud DVR storage for free). You can also broadcast either ‘live’ or recorded video, which allows you to easily share moments worldwide as they happen, or after you’ve recorded them, all of this simply by using your mobile phone’s camera. These are just some of the user cases that are referenced in the WeeVoo Website: Coverage of of events like public speeches or election rallies, class lectures in real time, travel videos from the road or fro hot air balloons, live shopping spree videos.

Some of WeVoo’s features:

Always Connected: With WeVoo you are always logged in, never miss a ‘live’ video or an invitation to private video chat.

Group Video Chatting: Create personalized groups from your address book contacts to share ‘live’ stream of moments with different groups of people.

Private Video Chatting: Invite contacts from your phone’s address book or select groups to view the ‘live’ stream & video chat.

Follow: Tap on any contact to follow & to be notified when contacts in your phone address book are ‘live ‘streaming using WeVoo app.

Notifications: WeVoo notifies your followers when you start a public ‘live’ stream. WeVoo also instantly notifies your invited contacts to join & video chat with you in real time when you start a private ‘live’ stream.

Click here to download WeVoo on your Android device.

Click here to download WeVoo on your iOS device.

– This post is merely a startup profile based on publicly available information & not a review. –
Image Credit: WeVoo
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