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Lead conversion

In an ideal world, all visitors to your Website should get counted as solid leads. We all know that does not happen. A major percentage of your Website visitors never come back. So one needs to retain visitors + if your are an Online business, you need to convert such leads into consumers or paying clients, right? There’s now a startup called ‘Snitcher’ which claims to help you in the leads business.

Its lead management software can be of help to a sales team in following up with the leads.  With its automatic identification of sales leads, the Netherland-based Snitcher works to highlight a visitor’s browsing habits & gives you a nudge towards followup & fulfillment. How does it do this?

  • It has a strong filtering system with action-based segmentation (segments are attributed to a team/company who visits your Website, so leading them towards the finish line is easy)
  • It has a collaborative approach towards lead management means all leads are filtered into one system, so that your entire team is aware of who is working on which lead. Chances of double dipping are minimized
  • It uses software like Google Analytics, Slack, Pipedrive & Salesforce to power its engines

Though Snitcher offers paid plans, there’s an initial offering a 7 day free trial. Jerre Baumeister & Duco Visbeen, founders of Snitcher, are reportedly working on fine tuning the product. The startup also has a special deals for non profits.

– This post is merely a startup profile based on publicly available information & not a review. –
Image Credit: Snitcher



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