Web co ‘So Fetch’ releases open source project ‘Standup Bot’ for Slack – Press note


This press release has been republished as it is without any editing. This Website has not verified claims, if any, made in it.

Nashville, TN, Oct. 26, 2015:  Web and mobile app company So Fetch just released an open-source project called ‘Standup Bot’. Standup Bot automates daily standups for Slack private groups.

For most Slack users, daily standups can be disorganized and untimely. So Fetch built the project to help the flow of their standup process. Standup Bot calls on team members and asks them to stand up one by one. It then asks them three questions:

“What did you do yesterday?” it states, to ask them their successes. “What are you doing today?” it asks to take note of the team members’ goals. “Is there anything standing in your way?” it concludes, to notify the company of any roadblocks. These three questions ensure that the company’s team has all the tools needed to accomplish daily tasks. It creates an summary of each standup on a separate webpage, and organizes them by day. The project was so helpful in organizing their standup process that the company released it as an open-source project.


So Fetch emerged in 2014 as a tech company full of resourceful designers and developers. The team is known for building great apps spanning navigation, ghostwriting, and various platforms that service millions of monthly users.

Standup Bot can be viewed here: http://www.sofetch.io/products/standup-bot-private





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