Video record your device screen with this service


We were told that Screencastify, a video screen capture software, had introduced some updates so decided to head over & check it out.

This German-based service is a pretty cool thing. The only drawback is that it is a Chrome browser extension. What Screencastify does is allow users to record the Content of their Tab, Webcam or desktop screen.

Using this service, 1 can easily create screencasts for say video tutorials or for office presentations, or for your boss. Screencastify does not depend on any plugins (like Java, Flash or others), so runs on all platforms that run Chrome (Linux, Windows, OS X) or ChromeOS (Chromebooks and Chromeboxes).

Among its other features: it can store your recordings on Google Drive, so you can access them from anywhere. This also helps to save local storage, especially on Chromebooks. In addition, if you prefer to keep your files locally, you can do that too.

Users can share their recordings on Youtube or Google Drive at the press of a button. If your recording is already stored on Drive, publishing it to Youtube happens directly within Google’s datacenters. So it’s almost instant, even for large files.

The service is free & allows users to record 10 minutes of their screens, while the paid version (euro 20 for lifetime) allows unlimited recording, + some other features as well.

Image Credit: Sreencastify




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