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Watching YouTube videos is a lot more fun if you talk about or share the most interesting moments with friends or family. With the ‘vdNote’ Web app you can type in comments which are related to the exact moment in the video you were watching, so other folks see them in the correct context.

Besides the fact that this is a really interesting & fun app to use, what’s really mind blowing is that it was developed by a 12-year-old programmer. Moses Finlay lives in Hawaii, USA & alternates programming with the more mundane tasks of any youngster, like going to school & surfing Hawaii’s big waves.

Moses has been learning to code for the last 2 years using the Treehouse Web design & coding platform. This is an Online learning environment that empowers kids (& others) to learn app & Website building as well as having a business-focus. He developed vdNote when he was looking for an interesting project to practice on for Treehouse.

To get started, just go to the product page & paste in a link to a YouTube video you want to annotate & start watching. When you get to a point in the video that catches your eye, just start typing a note in the note field & the video stops to give you time to finish your thoughts.

The Web app then puts a timestamp on your notes for each spot where you annotated the video. This can really come in handy to document your (or other people’s) videos, & to help you remember important, or interesting stuff that’s happening at particular points. The app lets you easily share your notes on Twitter or send an email.

vdNote is free & is based on basic Web technologies, like HTML, CSS, BootStrap, jQuery & JavaScript. 


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Image Credit: vdNote

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