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If you develop iOS apps using ‘Sketch’ on the Mac you are well aware that Sketch image files can get heavy & result in sluggish app performance. Now you can compress your heavy Sketch files & get the UI elements in your design under 1K & stop worrying about load times.

The Reduce app is a lightweight tool that optimizes big, heavy Sketch files. It does so by employing a number of techniques like automatically removing hidden layers. According to Ahmed Sulaiman, 1 of the co-founders of Flawless, the Ukraine-based startup behind Reduce, the tool uses Deflate & LZ77 compression algorithms, so the original quality of the graphics files remain pretty much unaltered.

The Reduce app team also plans on adding more optimizations down the line, such as removing all unused symbols & converting into a single symbol, repeatable elements across a Sketch file.

The Reduce app was developed by the same folks that brought you the Flawless app, which is also a MacOS tool for Sketch. With Flawless you can get a real-time comparison of your expected & your implemented design.

The app is installed as a plugin to the iOS simulator & lets you drag & drop design files & choose between an overlay or a split comparison to spot any visual differences between your expected design & the actual implementation. You can then fix visual issues on the fly, without having to disrupt your design workflow.

The Flawless app helps you cut down on time spent on visual QA, promotes smoother communication between designers & developers, ensuring that the expected design matches up with the final implementation.

You can get the Reduce app for free from the Flawless Website here. If you’re interested in checking out the Flawless app, you can try it out for free, or you can buy it for US $15.

– This is a startup profile based on publicly available material & not a review – 
Image Credit: Reduce App

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