Use ‘micro animations’ to enhance mockups & presentations

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With this pack of ready-made GIF animations you can turn your bland static UI design mockups & presentations into impressive projects that leave a lasting impression.

User interface (UI) prototype design is not something that’s easy to master, & whether you’re a pro or just like to dabble, you can use all the help you can get. A lot of people spend hours perfecting their mockups using complex tools like After Effects, Photoshop, Screenflow, etc. only to realize later that they’re not getting what they thought they wanted.

The maker of ‘micro animations’ propose that you use simple, readily available prototyping platforms like InVision or to import their unique UI animated GIF library into your designs. After all, the latest UI trends show that micro interactions are really important.

As Sanne de Vries, Dutch UI designer & the person behind Micro Animations, says in a blog post:

…a micro interaction is comprised of a trigger — an action initiated by a user, & an animation that follows, which can be as little as a button slightly changing color. From this perspective, the relevance of micro interactions become instantly clear.

Integrating micro interactions sensibly into your prototype will not only make your project look better. It will also function better, because these little changes acknowledge the actions your users are taking. Indeed — it’s a fundamental part of our users’ experience.

She goes on to say that it’s increasingly important to integrate micro interactions into your prototypes, since they’re an integral part of your users’ experience. This leads you to the need to incorporate simple, short animated GIFs, which can easily show your audience a wide range of user interactions. Micro Animations’ library can be integrated into your prototypes, as easily as an icon pack.

You can purchase micro animations from the product webpage for a 1 time fee, which includes lifetime updates. The most basic pack costs US$ 47.

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Image Credit: micro animations


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