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If you’re a hacker, want to get into hacking or are just interested in hacker culture you might want to check out It organizes the biggest hackathon in Germany every year & is now the largest global search engine for these popular get-togethers of coders, designers & systems & security gurus.

These events, in which programmers or hardware developers collaborate intensively on  projects with graphic & interface designers & project managers, are hotbeds of innovation & startup activity. They are also referred to as hack days, hackfests & codefests.

The Munich, Germany-based startup is composed of a young team:  Michael & Christian Georg Strobl, Tobias Jost & Marc Seitz. It was developed with the help of the also Germany-based studio Build me this App.  The founders got their start in the summer of 2014 as a small WordPress Blog & it has grown to a full-fleshed search engine.

In an interview on YouTube in September 2015, two of the company’s co-founders had said that the team had already attended 25 hackathons that year & were about to host what amounted to the biggest hackathon in Germany, coinciding with Munich’s Oktoberfest celebration. The hackathon had an attendance of 200+ hackers, concentrating on 3 Tracks: Mobile Shopping, Fintech & Technology. They believe that the celebratory atmosphere, & especially the free flowing beer at Oktoberfest helps the coders, designers & businessmen to communicate better.

Hackevents’ search engine finds hackathons for you in Germany, USA, Europe & worldwide. Since 2014 it has listed more than 1000 events, & is adding more on a daily basis. It also provides a hackathon recommendation tool for you to find the most relevant hackathon for your hacking needs. They have a community of users that you can join & you can promote particular hackathons by sharing info on them or adding them to your favorites.

They also make it easy to add events that have not been listed yet, in this way helping to publicize them among an interested audience. At the time of this writing the search engine was listing a total of 194 upcoming hackathons in 124 cities.

– This post is merely a startup profile based on publicly available information & not a review. – 
Image Credit: Hackevents
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