Use ‘Exacto’ iOS app to remove image backgrounds

With this nifty new app for the Apple iPhone & iPad you can quickly & easily get rid of backgrounds on photos that you’d rather live without. Using ‘Exacto’ app, you can also use the pen selection tool to create photo-cutouts.

If you wanted to do this kind of photo editing, you previously had no choice but to buy & learn how to use a sophisticated desktop image editing tool like Photoshop. Now, with Exacto, there’s a much more streamlined & specific app available to create razor-sharp cutouts & eliminate unwanted backgrounds.

To use the app, you just:

  1. Place some selection points around the area of the photo you’re interested in & then drag into position to select

  2. Define layers so you can select multiple subjects in the photo

  3. Use the full-size instant preview to keep track of progress

  4. Use the undo/redo button or scroll through editing history

  5. The autosave feature means you’ll never lose your edits

  6. When done, your edited photo is saved to the device’s Camera Roll

With Exacto you can do things like superimpose photo cutouts on different backgrounds or insert them into presentations for school or work. Other interesting ideas would be to use the cutouts as stickers, when creating decorative art or as printouts to make cardboard cutouts for parties & special occasions.

The paid mobile app was developed by prolific app designer & developer Samer Azzam, who is known for other iOS titles like Filmmaker Pro, ProCam, Cruncher, Stackables… ProCam is to be especially commended, as it garnered App Store Best of 2014 & 2015 awards. ProCam 4, the current version of the app provides pro-level photo & video camera control & editing capabilities for your iPhone.

Click here to download Exacto on your iOS device.

- This is a startup profile based on publicly available material & not a review. - 

Image Credit: Exacto



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