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If you’re trying to give your Online presence that extra added push needed to make the business profitable, then maybe you should try out Uprank. This free tool analyzes a Website & figures out the optimum marketing strategy by suggesting concrete tasks which will expand a business’s reach both on the Web & on mobile.

The company behind Uprank was founded early in 2015 in New Delhi, India, & has already consolidated a global presence. It claims to have analyzed thousands of Websites, in most cases originated by Site owners desirous to take advantage of the  insights generated by Uprank’s Web app.

Uprank can be used directly from its main Webpage by pasting an URL into a text box & hitting the ‘scan’ button. After a few seconds a detailed report is generated with a list of concrete tasks that should be done to optimize the Website’s marketing efforts & thus reach its target audience.

The suggested tasks are based on the insights gathered by Uprank’s deep analysis of a Website’s structure & Content, all of it within a marketing context. As is mentioned in the Uprank Website, the tasks are organized as follows: Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – actionable insights are suggested for important SEO metrics; Architecture – tasks needed to technically optimize a site, including aesthetic & functional components; User experience; Social media marketing; Mobile friendliness – optimize access from smartphones & Tablets; Links – link-building actions to impact search engine rankings.

Once a user creates an account on the Uprank Website, an unlimited number of Sites can be analyzed & lists of actionable tasks can be stored individually for each as a project. The user can then return at will to his account home panel, where a dashboard gives access to a comprehensive summary of pending tasks for any & all Sites under study & also have the option to drill down into a detailed analysis.  As the user completes suggested tasks, the analysis can be re-run & corrected actions are reflected as crossed out items in the task lists (checking/unchecking tasks as they are completed).

& last but not least, Uprank also allows for the possibility of syncing with Google Analytics to get more metrics & improved recommendations, the scheduling of tasks using a built-in calendar, the generation of a PDF document with project by project detaled reports that can be shared with colleagues & customers & a timeline to track the progress of the projects.

If you want to give it a try,  you can access Uprank here.


– This post is merely a startup profile based on publicly available information & not a review. – 
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