Typeform tie up with Zapier helps users plug in to over 500 apps


Typeform, the Online form tool, has tied up with software company Zapier to allow users to integrate Typeform with 100s of other apps. Zapier can send the results from your Typeform to more than 500 apps via event-based automations called ‘Zaps,’ according to a post on its official blog.

So how does one do it? Just choose the typeform Zapier should watch, choose an action, & your Zap will do the rest.

Prior to this, Zaps only worked with 1 app triggering an action in another app (such as adding a Typeform respondent as a new contact in Google Sheets). But now, Zaps has got additional apps in its kitty.

This means you—as of today—can automatically add Typeform results to a note in Evernote, send an alert to your team on Slack, & create a card in Trello using that single piece of data, said the post.

Here’s the rest of the post:

Start a conversation with your prospective customers. Let’s say someone fills out the typeform on your Site’s homepage, telling you they’re interested in an hour-long consulting session. How can you make sure that information gets to the right people on your team before the lead loses interest?

Try setting up a Multi-Step Zap to add that respondent’s name & contact info as a task on the sales team’s Todoist list, so they can call the respondent ASAP. A quick response time, thanks to this automated workflow, could be the differentiator that helps make the sale.

While you’re at it, you could subscribe your respondent to a segmented MailChimp list so you can stay in touch. That way, your contacts will remain consistent and easy-to-access across platforms.

Need some more inspiration on which apps to connect with Typeform? Visit Zapier to explore hundreds of other Typeform integrations with your favorite apps, or get started building your own Multi-Step Typeform workflows. Zapier’s new Multi-Step Zaps work with hundreds of other popular apps including Google Sheets, FreshBooks, Zendesk, Stripe, WooCommerce, & FullContact. Try connecting them with Typeform to activate the full potential of your data!

With Multi-Step Zaps & Typeform, you can simplify complex workflows or even build out new product ideas (think MVPs) to validate in the same day.

Image Credit: Typeform/Zapier



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