Twitter & Vine accounts get even better connected

vinetwitterclosenessMicro blog Twitter has announced closer integration with its short-form video social network Vine. As part of this, if your Twitter & Vine accounts are connected, you can put your Twitter account on your Vine profile & vice versa.

What’s more, according to a Vine blog post, you can now put your Twitter username on your Vine profile & it will also show up “in other places throughout the app. When someone taps your Twitter username, they’ll be taken to your Twitter account, & they can follow you there. This is more than just a simple link that confirms your Vine account is actually yours: Vine users will be able to search for your Twitter handle to find you on Vine.

Users can now also choose to show & link to their Vine accounts from their Twitter profiles. When people go to your Twitter profile, they’ll see a Vine icon alongside your total loops. Tapping that link will take them to your account on Vine, & they can follow you from there.

Dan Baneman, API Engineer posted on the blog: Additionally, we’ve updated Vine profiles to include an account’s loops — the same number you see when Vine is shown on Twitter profiles. Loops are counted every time a Vine is watched within our player, which is in our mobile apps and website, embeds across the web, Twitter and more. As people make great Vines that others love and want to watch, those creators get more and more loops. By surfacing that number to the world, anyone can quickly get a sense of that creator and the impact of their Vines. 

Image Credit: Vine Blog




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