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If you use Twitter’s toolkit for smartphone app development your life just got a lot easier, since you can now forget about accessing user & app data from a desktop OS. Developers can now use their smartphones to monitor data regarding the health of their mobile apps such as critical bugs, traffic, number of active users, session length of sessions, etc.

In fact, being able to access this info is particularly helpful on weekends & evenings, when you may be on the road, at an event, or simply can’t get to a PC or laptop. With your iPhone or Android device you can now do what until now could pretty much only be done from the office or through a dedicated desktop app.

As Meekal Bajaj, Fabric Product Manager says in a Fabric Blog post:

A few months ago our friends at Runkeeper, an app that helps runners track fitness, reached out to us with a problem: they had the least access to Fabric when their users were the most active – on weekends.

Runkeeper users are the most engaged then, making it the best time for the service to launch new promotions. To ensure that issues were triaged as soon as they happened, the Runkeeper team needed uninterrupted access to their dashboard, including weekends. With the Fabric app, the team can find out immediately when something critical is affecting their app via push notifications – no matter where they are.

In the same post, he also references Mike Oliver, RunKeeper VP of Product Engineering, who says:

Having been using the Fabric mobile app since it was in beta, I know how connected our team will be once more start using it. Now, when I leave the office, I know that I can count on Fabric to send nudges when something critical happens to our app’s stability. Because of that, our team will get tons of time back, and can truly deliver on the best customer experience for our users, no matter where we are.

Perhaps the most important part of the service is regarding push notifications on your phone. Prior to needing to seriously analyze problems on your PC, you get full stacktraces, number of affected users, and breakdown of devices and platforms – all in real time.  In this way, you know where to look for a bug, who to reach out to on your team and how it might affect your metrics. & with per-app settings, you can configure the amount & frequency of notifications for each app.

Click here  to download Fabric on your iOS device.

Click here to download Fabric on your Android device.


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