Turn Instagram images into geo-based albums

If you are on photo-based social networking app Instagram, India-based developer Shaswat Pradhan, CEO & Founder of Emberify, has something for you. His product ‘Cards for Instagram’ version 2.0 allows users to quickly create collections & albums of Instagram images.

This free iOS app works with your iPhone & iPad, & is a way to delve into the world through geo-based photo collections. Users can also swipe your cards through your Instagram feed which lets them search for photos based on geographic location, then build their ‘liked’ pics into an interactive list.

The app is a complementary tool for Instagram photos. So if you want separate collections of say, ‘Great Artists’, or ‘My Travel Bucket List’, ‘Hubby’s 40th Birthday’ etc, Cards for Instagram 2.0 grants you the capability to frame a Pinterest-like assortment. Shaswat Pradhan has said elsewhere that initially, the app targeted location search for photos but later had the location search feature built in.

Click here to download this iOS app.

- This post is merely a startup profile based on publicly available information & not a review. -
Image Credit: iTunes
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