Turn your Chrome’s new tab into a split screen workspace

‘Janus Workspace’ is a Chrome extension that turns your new tab into a workspace with Web frames. It also provides you navigation around the workspace. Janus Workspace allows you to load multiple sites on the new tab Page.

Janus Workspace replaces your Web browser’s new tab page. According to its developer, this extension is like TweetDeck or like Sublime texts’ split screen, but not only for text files. He also claims that it is ideal for developers & tech geeks who need to have multiple open tabs & track them all.

While installing this extension, you’ll need to confirm the changes of your new tab in Chrome for it to become available. The page contains ‘add’ & menu icons at the bottom right of the page of your Chrome after installation & confirming the change. The add icon will help you add a new frame to the new tab page. It acts like a little browser window of Chrome that you can use to load any Site. Therefore, you can add as many sites this way to your browsers Tab page as you like.

With Janus Workspace, the menu icon provides you with options that allow you to change the display of Sites on the new tab page. In addition, you can modify the size of each frame. It also contains a slider that increases & decreases the size of the Site in the new tab. Besides, you can change the margin on each frame. This will help you to display more/less Content on the screen at the same time. Finally, Janus Workspace allows you to customise the background colours.

This extension was developed by K. Ivanov who is situated in Sofia, Bulgaria

Click here to download the extension on Chrome Webstore.

Here’s a video on how it works:




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