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TriggerHOOD is a tool for app developers that will help evaluate how app users spend time on the phone, & trigger notifications when the user is in the most likely mood to engage with your app.

It’s not hard to see the appeal of this kind of functionality in an app. These days, the hard part for app developers is not to get users to download your app, but to keep users engaged & happy with the app through personalized interaction.

One of the key sticking points is notifications, since app users are flooded with notifications all the time by every app that is working in the background, regardless of whether they are using the phone & for what, or even if they are busy with something else.

This is where triggerHOOD steps in, with a single line of code that enables you to use the triggerHOOD SDK in your app. Once activated, triggerHOOD will collect all kinds of data from your users, including what other apps they are using, at which location they use their device the most & more.

The triggerHOOD  algorithm combine the user’s state, location, availability & other data to analyze & triggers notifications only when the user is in the most likely mood to engage with your app.

Since the app does this for each app user individually, the result is personalized & optimized for any kind of behavior driven product. Oh, & just in case you’re wondering about privacy issues, triggerHOOD does the whole thing anonymously, without linking the collected phone data to specific people.

The tool merely collects data that is in your mobile devices, & meshes it up with their psychological-based behavior algorithm to come up with meaningful insights.

You can sign up for the triggerHOOD beta at this time.

NYC-based Triggerhood Ltd. was founded by in April 2015 by Niv Abramovich, Guy Balzam, Tal Grynbaum & Yuval Shachaf through the Dreamit NYC accelerator program. Abramovich is the company’s CEO & Balzam is the Chief Product Officer.

- This post is merely a startup profile based on publicly available information & not a review -
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