Track your iPhone & iPad with ‘ScreenUse’ – New app

Are you a smartphone junkie? The average iPhone & iPad user checks his or her device around 100 times per day. If you’re really serious about measuring the extent of your “addiction”, then you might want to give ‘ScreenUse’ a try.

ScreenUse tracks the length of time you’re spending on sessions on your Apple devices. You get detailed daily, weekly & monthly stats on your screen time. This way you’re armed with actual data regarding your guilty pleasure, & not just guessing. You could use this new found knowledge to quantify your usage & to set realistic & verifiable goals for cutting back.

This paid app runs unobtrusively in the background while you’re using your device & will not drain your battery. It also tracks the places where you use your device.

According to the app’s creator, Jonathan Anesand, co-founder of Karthana, the Swedish company behind ScreenUse, the idea for this came from his own excessive use of smartphone apps, like social media, news Sites, weather reports. He further noticed that everyone around him, be it family, friends, co-workers, train passengers, & pretty much everyone, spends hours every day on their smartphone.

Jonathan & his colleagues also realized that this behavior can very easily overwhelm many people, very often without their realizing it & that it contributes to physical & mental symptoms like stress & depression.

Many smartphone users are unaware of the actual time they spend on their devices, & the app tries to clarify this so that users can make well-informed choices regarding how much time & when to actually use them.

ScreenUse tracks screen time, but will not track you unless you unlock the screen, so it will not include when you glance at the time, for example. Also, location tracking data is stored locally & is not stored in the cloud.

Click here to download ScreenUse on your iOS device.


- This is a startup profile based on publicly available material & not a review - 
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