Catch that snitch on your Mac with ‘Micro Snitch’

‘Micro Snitch’ is a light menu bar application which helps you know when someone is slyly recording audio or video through your built-in microphone or camera on your Mac. It does this by monitoring & reporting any microphone or camera activity that may suggest someone is spying on you. If your camera captures video for no good reason, there’s a chance Micro Snitch will report it.

Most Macs will have a camera’s indicator light turn on when the device is working.  However, when it comes to the microphone, it doesn’t show any activity indication at all. This makes it hard to notice if the mic is on. Micro Snitch has a menu bar icon which displays any microphone & camera activity. This menu also shows a list of connected audio/video devices. It shows notifications when devices are connected or disconnected.

However, if the menu bar is not currently visible, Micro Snitch has an on-screen overlay which is shown when the microphone & camera is turned on. In addition, this application logs every status change in your mic activity to a file. Therefore, you can review it later to find suspicious activities.

Regarding accessibility, Micro Snitch works well with the built-in features in the OS X such as Voice Over. For instance, the app has a configurable hotkey. This allows you to see the current microphone or camera activity textually which VoiceOver reads automatically.

Micro Snitch is only available to Mac users. The app’s  last update on October 13, 2015, added more languages to the app including Japanese, Chinese(simplified & traditional) as well as Spanish. In addition, for compatibility, it requires your Mac to run on a 64-bit processor & OS 10.11 or later. You can download the app’s free trial or buy the app on Mac Store.

This app is developed by Objective Development, a platform founded in 2004. It is the creator of other applications such as Little Snitch, LaunchBar & Sharity. Its headquarters are in Vienna, Austria.

Click here to download Micro Snitch on Mac Store.

Image Credit: Micro Snitch 



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