Todoed Chrome extension converts any text into tasks – #Startup

Todoed is a Chrome browser extension & application that makes it “ridiculously” easy to turn any text in your browser into a task & even assign it to a member of your team.

It’s as easy to to use as just right clicking on your mouse. All you have to do is get the Chrome extension. Once it’s installed, you’ll see an icon on your browser that looks like a circle with a tick mark inside it.

You can click on the icon & type in text, but that’s not the fun part. The feature you will enjoy is right-clicking on selected text while chatting or typing an email.

Once you have the extension, the right-click menu includes an “Add to Todoed” option, which in turn shows you another list of people to whom you can assign the task, including yourself. You can obviously edit tasks & add users to whom you can assign tasks.

It’s fast & easy, & you do not have to leave what you are doing in the browser to open a separate project management tool or collaboration platform to assign a task.

It works on anything in your browser, & also on any text inside Gmail, Facebook & Yammer.

Additional features include color coding to help you categorize tasks, & a full-page dropdown view to see & search for todos delegated to or by you & by other specific members of your team.

New features that are in the works include mobile app versions for both Android & iOS, along with other features such as bookmarking, & integration with platforms such as Asana, Readability, Kippt, Pocket, etc.

New Delhi, India-based Todoed was founded in June 2014 as a Preseed Web Lab Project, in fact its 1st project. The team is lead by Nishchal Kesarwani – founder, who, as he told What’s New On The Net, “lives in a world of extraordinary ideas, idealism, inspiration, simplicity, a bicycle, a suitcase, some yoga & lots of action.”  The other founder of Todoed is developer, software engineer Saikiran Daripelli.

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