Tiscali rolls out v 2.0 of Streamago, live streaming iOS app – Press note


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Cagliari, Italy, July 9, 2015, PRNewswire: With Streamago you can post live videos on your Facebook profile or fanpage and watch the videos of your friends with the Streamago tv, a window to the world in real-time gathering all the video streams on the Streamago network.

Tiscali presents version 2.0 of Streamago, the live streaming app for iOS that, for the first time ever, makes it possible to broadcast live video and audio on your Facebook profile and on your fanpages thus enriching social communication with new powerful tools. With the new 2.0 version, Streamago adds an important new feature, the Streamago TV, a window to the world to interact in real-time with videos from Streamago network and from your Facebook friends’ and pages.

You can launch the app on your smartphone and choose whether to stream live on Facebook or access the world of content posted by your Facebook friends. With Streamago TV, you can watch and comment in real-time all the videos on the network, choose your favorite ones and be notified whenever there are new videos. Streamago finds your friends and allows you to access their profiles for live streaming.

You can access Streamago using your Facebook account and in a few simple steps share live video and audio streams in real-time on personal profiles and public pages, tagging friends and places. Live broadcast content is then available on-demand.

Streamago is currently available on the AppStore, on the Windows Phone Store and on Facebook.

Information on Tiscali

Tiscali is one of the leading alternative telecommunications companies in Italy. Tiscali provides its private and business customers with a vast range of services: internet access through dial-up and ADSL, voice, VoIP, media, and added-value services and other technologically advanced products. As at 31 March 2015 Tiscali reported around 578.3 active customers, of which 466.7 thousand were ADSL customers and over 99.8 thousand are mobile customers.



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