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A data aggregation service called ‘Aggregatus’ is now in the alpha stage of testing, we are told.

As the name suggests, Aggregatus is a service that helps users to aggregate information of the same meaning from different Websites, & present it from 1 place. Therefore, this makes it searchable, filterable & more sortable as if the information was put together on 1 Site.

Now, let’s think practically, think of something like shoes, clothes, global news, startups, etc. This data collection service is able to scrape all the information from relevant Sites around any topic, & aggregate this data.

User management

Aggregatus gives the user the ability to create many collections, whatever it may be. Each collection will contain some data of a certain type which has a specific set of some data properties.

Here’s an example. Think shoes. What Aggregatus does is that it will have data with data properties such as the name of the shoe, the image, it’s category, etc. Also part of the info will be the various sizes of the shoe.

The best is yet to come

Since this new data collection service is still in the alpha stage, it means most of its features are still under development. Therefore, when using the service, do not be disappointed to see if some bugs appear. There’s a free subscription plan & paid plans, but the pricing has not been announced yet.

Check out this video:


– This is a startup profile based on publicly available material & not a review – 


Image Credit: Aggregatus

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