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Ever had that moment when you’re trying to recollect an event, fact or detail but end up getting tongue tied? No matter how hard you try to dig deep into your memory banks, you end up empty-handed with that typical shrug of the shoulder? A productivity app called ‘Memo’ – sticky notes, is now available that will make such moments a relic of the past.

Memo sticky notes is a Web app perfect for making little notes to document tiny bite-sized pieces of information. These include e-mail addresses, shopping lists, phone numbers or even a fleeting thought that could have been the genesis of a big breakthrough. 1 can also venture to make bigger notes such as a speech that one has to make at a cocktail party or cue cards that one could use to revise before an exam.

Quick & responsive interface

The very essence of notes is the ease & convenience with which it can be conjured. The instantaneous response at the fraction of a 2nd allows the user to cache information as soon as it is received. This can be useful especially while jotting notes in the middle of a conversation where asking the speaker to repeat themselves could interrupt their flow of thought.

Color coded scheme

The powers of association can enhance the productivity of an individual. The color scheme allows the user to associate a color with a subject. For instance, Blue could signify “phone numbers”, while Green could signify “Chores for the day”. Rather than reading “phone number” or “Chores for the day” on the notes, one can save time by simply seeing the color scheme & instantly making the association.

Priority to Privacy

Prying eyes are a bane but a harsh reality of society. A common device for multiple people can often make one wary of feeding personal information into the system. The Memo app has a setting that allows users to keep their notes password protected. These notes will be visible to all but can only be accessed by entering a password.

Miscellaneous Features

Like most apps, Memo is in sync with the iCloud. This means that memo can be accessed by different Macs no matter where one is on the globe. Memo comes with a rich assortment of fonts that increase the personalization of notes.  Enhanced responsiveness as the app supports Touch ID. This allows faster & convenient access to the app.

The brains behind the app

The company that developed the product is Nebula SRL. It’s a little-known company that is located in the city of Naples, Italy. It offers a variety of Web-based services that include but are not limited to e-commerce solutions, graphic design, & mobile app development. Their programming & design arsenal includes HTML5, Javascript, JQUERY, Illustrator, Indesign, Photoshop & various other tools which are used to create exceptional products. Some of their other mobile apps that they have developed for iOS include Live Performer & Cappuccino.


– This is a startup profile based on publicly available material & not a review – 


Image Credit: Memo

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