The all-new ‘Flying Mannequin’ app makes it way to Android & iOS – Press note


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Tokyo, Nov. 24, 2015: MOAI SOFT Games is excited to announce the launch of their newest game Flying Mannequin, adding another title to their ever growing list of gaming apps. MOAI SOFT Games latest production, available both on Google Play and the iTunes Store, is set for release on November 24, 2015. The game can be downloaded from either platform and is compatible with Android, iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad.

In Flying Mannequin, players start off by tapping on the launch pad to send a mannequin into the air. The main goal is to keep the mannequin aloft and advance high up into the clouds with the help of bomb blasts, all while keeping it away from red sea urchins along the way. Challenge your friends to see just how high up you can shoot the mannequin. Will you make it to the stratosphere, or even the moon?

Game features include, Easy controls, unlockable mannequins variations, Multi-touch capabilities for play with friends, and more. Best off all, Flying Mannequin is free to download and enjoy. Take a look at Flying Mannequin’s actual game play on MOAI SOFT Games’ Youtube channel, and subscribe for previews of their newest apps.

Flying Mannequin can be downloaded from the following URLs.
Google Play Application URL: Free

iTunes Store Application URL: Free

Amazon App Store Application URL: Free

YouTube trailer URL




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