Team collaboration tool slack introduces emoji reactions

Team collaboration tool slack has added “emoji reactions” for users to express their appreciation or distaste for messages they receive. This was in response to requests received from users for introducing buttons to ‘like’ messages. Rather than introduce the standard emojis or ‘like’ tabs, the team at slack, after months of research, had come up with this idea, according to a post on the platform’s official blog.

Among the many emojis:

You can use the “thumbs up or thumbs down”, or get more creative.


Want to set something up, but not sure how many of the team are on board? Just add a + as a reaction to your own message, & the number next to it will climb as people add their assent.

There’s an animated gif of applause. Or fireworks. There’s even 1 to greet a new team member.

Said slack:

In addition to the reactions on messages and files, AND the new emoji picker, we’ve updated the Recent Mentions tab in the top right corner to also include reactions, so you can review any new reactions added to things you’ve posted all over Slack, in one place. Slack will even alert you to new reactions by changing the @ symbol in the button to the recent reaction’s emoji.

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