Tagsdock is the Most Useful Startup of the Month – June 2015

Hashtags. An invention of Twitter & now an adopted child of the Internet. Last month, we featured a new app, Tagsdock. Tagsdock is an iPhone app that makes it easy to add hashtags to your Instagram posts. To be specific, the app’s Website claims it’s the fastest, easiest & most efficient way to hashtag your posts on Instagram & Vine.

Using another app to help your Instagram app may seem a wee bit of an overkill for hashtags, but it seems worth the effort if you look at the features.

For starters, the simple & easy-to-use layout allows you to copy hashtags directly to Instagram with with a tap. The app’s custom iOS 8 keyboard will work with Instagram, Vine or any app on your iPhone.

Suffice to say, hashtags have become an inseparable part of our lives. And an app that enhances this feature & adds to that is the reason why it has made it to our list of ‘Most Useful Startup of the Month.’

So, we congratulate the Tagsdock team.

Click here to catch up with Tagsdock.



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