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This startup could become a “must have” for Website owners. Tagplay is a Content Management System (CMS) that automatically updates Websites using hashtags when you post social media updates using the right tags.

Once you set up sections on your Site to display Content for a specific tag, the rest works pretty much automatically. You post Content on your own social media pages like Facebook, Twitter & Instagram, & that Content gets shown on the relevant section of your Website, too.

It’s not just Twitter or Facebook. You could very well plug in email or any other social media management or Content management tools of your choice.

Of course, the concept of displaying sections populated by feeds that are automatically fetched from elsewhere isn’t new.  Neither is it new to show your own social media updates on a section of your website.

But Tagplay takes it to a whole new level by not only connecting your social media accounts or e-mail addresses, but offering a lot many complex options. For example, you could narrow it down to a very specific formula such as “When mybusiness posts #tag send to a feed on my website.”

You can also use Tagplay to add user-generated feeds by picking a hashtag or hashtags, allowing specific or all public accounts to contribute to that feed through content on Instagram & Twitter. This formula would be something like “When justinbieber or selenagomez posts #tag on Instagram send to a feed on my website” or “When anyone posts #tag on Instagram send to a feed on my website.”

Your Website & personal details such as phone numbers & business opening times can be piped in from your Facebook Page data. So when you update the Facebook Page information, Tagplay wil automatically sync that information to update your Website too.

Integrating it is pretty simple. Tagplay has a feed generation wizard that lets you create feeds based on the aforementioned formulas. You then simply copy-paste the code into your Site.

A free version lets you use one feed on your website, with 5 visible posts in it & 60 posts per month from 3 connected accounts. Premium versions of Tagplay that let you use from 25 to 100 feeds & offer more features range from US $15 to $250 per month.

The Reykjavik & San Francisco, CA, US-based Tagplay Content management system was developed by Sesselja Vilhjalmsdottir.

- This post is merely a startup profile based on publicly available information & not a review. -


Image Credit: Tagplay


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