Yandex.Direct introduces smart banner ads for personalized targeting – Press release

Smart banners are display advertisements with dynamic Content that is personalized for individual users based on their interests – coffee machine ads are displayed to coffee lovers, camera ads to those who take an interest in photography. Intended for product advertising, smart banner ads are suitable for most Internet stores.

Microsoft & Russian Web co Yandex have strategic tie-up

Microsoft and Yandex, Russia’s largest Internet company, have announced a strategic cooperation agreement, to make it easy for people in Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Turkey, & other countries in the region to upgrade to a custom experience with Windows 10, where Yandex will be offered as the default homepage & search.

Yandex.Browser boosts Internet security with new ‘Protect’ technology – Press note

‘Protect’ consists of a set of mechanisms that provide protection from the most common Online dangers: phishing, malware, & interception of personal data. Yandex’s new technology prevents potential threats rather than trying to repair the damage after it has been done.

Russian search provider Yandex launches delivery services aggregator – Press note

Yandex, 1 of the largest European internet companies, has announced the opening of Yandex.Delivery – an aggregator of service providers delivering goods from Moscow & the Moscow Region to any Russian region. The primary clients of this service are Internet stores.

Internet company Yandex launches media player Yandex.Radio

With over 100 stations differentiated by genre, mood & Context, Yandex.Radio allows users to tune in to music that suits their tastes & situation. This is Yandex’s 2nd music service after the recommendation-based Yandex.Music, sharing its catalog of over 20 million tracks.