You can use ‘Skyline’ app to turn Android Live Wallpaper into an interactive 3D map – New app

Skyline takes aerial & satellite imagery & creates beautiful interactive 3D images of any location you choose, putting them right on your home screen. As you swipe between pages on your phone you’ll get a slightly shifted view of your location’s imagery. If you rotate the phone the images will shift, creating a sense of depth (parallax effect).

Android users – Wallpapers & skins for you

Wallpapers & skins are best when changed often. Downloading wallpapers, saving them to your phone & then changing them wastes a lot of your time & energy. Instead, if there was that 1 place from where you could get all your favorite wallpapers & skins, you would be a happier Android user This is exactly what ‘Everything Android’ aims to do: make Android users happier.

Escaping into a dreamland right from your desk – #Startup

Live Start Page makes it all very real. This add-on embeds smoothly into your browser without taking up too much space or memory. Once you install this add-on to your Google Chrome browser, you just let it do its thing. It’s so lightweight, you will not detect a wrinkle in your computer’s speed. The developers say there are more than 500 ‘live’ themes for “every taste, mood, weather & age”.