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This search engine dishes out “facts” – #Startup

Facts engine, anyone? That’s what Factbrowser is all about. This 1 dishes out “facts”. Factbrowser is called a “Research Discovery Engine”, where you get information related to companies, topics, consumers, regions & much more. So where does the Content on Factbrowser come from? As announced on its Website, this facts discovery engine aggregates its Content from 100s of research analyst & market research firms, Content publishers, government institutions, academics, among others. Insights are gleaned from all these sources & more.

A search engine for podcasts is born

Startup makes it possible to search & discover podcasts. Explore shows by topic or pinpoint exact moments in podcasts from its database of transcripts and tags. is in beta for now.


Looking for a “solid” domain name for your Website? Well, here’s a search engine which claims to help you in your task. Agile Domain Search is a domain name generator & domain name availability lookup tool. Search terms are combined with a list of popular prefixes & suffixes. Each combination are checked for availability as .com domain only,for now.

Agile Domain Search checks 5,000 prefixes and suffixes against a database of 115 million registered .com domains.