internet of things

‘Knoyd’ vows to unlock value by helping you analyze your data

As the volume of data generated by an enterprise’s day-to-day operations, not to mention IoT & other emerging tech that is rapidly swamping us with machine generated info, a way to figure out what can be done with it, besides paying for storage costs, is needed. This is where data analytics company like ‘Knoyd’ can come in handy.

Google announces IoT research award pilot

Google’s been a little slow off the block on the Internet of Things as compared to some of the other majors like Cisco. Yet, it plods on. Google has now invited university researchers to participate in the IoT Technology Research Award Pilot to tackle certain “significant challenges” in its onward march.

Internet of Things Cloud solution launched by Barcelona-based ‘thethings.iO’

thethings.iO has launched the IoT Cloud solution for such companies. Among the many things it offers are back-end support for Cloud solution, a customisable front-end user interface, analytical tools, and guaranteed inter-operability.

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