‘The AI VC’ – artificial intelligence applied to venture capital investment

So can artificial intelligence (AI) take over the role of human VCs? This particular startup seems to go along this line of thinking. It lets you pitch your tech idea to an AI-based VC fund that ultimately hands out millions worth of bucks for virtually any idea you can think of.

Owler helps gather business intelligence in an easy to understand way

To start off, this startup Owler is in the business of, well, business intelligence It’s main mission is to help professionals & businesses know how they stack up against their competitors, & to provide “crisp” intelligence & alerts on their competitors, customers, partners, etc.

Palo Alto Networks unveils autofocus cyber threat intelligence service – Press note

Palo Alto Networks, the leader in enterprise security, today announced Palo Alto Networks AutoFocus cyber threat intelligence service, a new offering that provides prioritized, actionable intelligence designed to give customers a clear advantage in the battle against cyber threats.

Intelligence comes to search. Go into the Light

We have read reports Online of the coming demise of Google Search…or it becoming increasingly irrelevant in our lives. If this Indian tech team has its way, & if its product Light does work as claimed, that could be a distinct possibility. Your search for answers Online may have just got a whole lot uncomplicated. Continue reading