One nifty reason why you should consider using Google Podcasts – e-Why, What & How

There’s no denying it: Google’s new Android podcast app is barebones. You can search for & subscribe to podcasts, listen to podcasts, & get recommendations. But you can’t create playlists or filters, you can’t rate or review podcasts, & it doesn’t even provide podcast notifications.
But it’s still worth giving a chance! Especially if you’re deeply embedded in Google’s gadget ecosystem.

For storing of large files with low latency, Google to offer ‘Cloud Filestore’ – News

This new Google Cloud product is a managed file storage system for applications that need a file system interface & a shared file system. This means that companies can now easily run applications that need a traditional file system interface on the Google Cloud Platform.

How to turn off Gmail’s new AI features (and why you should) – e-Why, What & How

There are a lot of great new features in the new Gmail redesign, including a handful that make use of Google’s machine learning algorithms. Up until now, these algorithms have contributed to predictive replies for users checking their Gmail accounts on the go using a mobile app. That feature is now being rolled out to web users, along with a few others.