Encrypted email

Encrypted emails are NOT flawless. They have a big security hole

Security researchers have found an alarming vulnerability in the most common forms of email encryption. They reported it on Monday morning, saying it allowed people to inject malicious code into intercepted emails despite encryption protocols.

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Tutanota fights against surveillance by encrypting the entire mailbox – CEO Speak

There are secure email clients & then there’s Tutanota. The latter claims to automatically encrypt all your data on your device. Your mails as well as your contacts stay private. You can easily communicate with any of your friends end-to-end encrypted. Just how did Tutanota come about & why. This is its story.

Telegram Messenger on the Mac: A fast & secure open source native OS X app

Users of the app can interact seamlessly with other networked users from any of the supported platforms, with support for free text messages, videos, photos & files sizes of up to 1.5 MB. Optionally, self-destructing end-to-end encrypted messages can be interchanged.

Yahoo’s email end-to-end encryption coming soon, but will German email service beat it to it?

Both, Google & Yahoo have been working on such an end-to-end encryption facility for email. On Sunday, at the SXSW, Yahoo talked of its progress on this front. Expectations are the encryption plugin could come in by the year-end, but the entire back-end process is complicated.

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