‘PickedMail’ is personal AI that helps your Inbox learn what you care about – New app

This free personal email app for your iPhone, ‘PickedMail’ learns & adapts to the way you pick & unpick emails, eventually saving you time. It starts out with a rough idea of what you think is a useful email is & then listens to you as you train it & winds up closely following your instructions autonomously when picking relevant new messages.

With this product you can get in ‘Front’ of customer support

Customer support has traditionally been the province of ticket workflow apps like Zendesk or Remedy, but it also relies heavily on shared email mailboxes & chat apps. ‘Front’ acts as an improved email client that allows support personnel to share a support address & still have personalized conversations, assign messages to specialists, allow access to teammates’ Inboxes & automate workflows by setting rules.