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‘PickedMail’ is personal AI that helps your Inbox learn what you care about – New app

This free personal email app for your iPhone, ‘PickedMail’ learns & adapts to the way you pick & unpick emails, eventually saving you time. It starts out with a rough idea of what you think is a useful email is & then listens to you as you train it & winds up closely following your instructions autonomously when picking relevant new messages.

‘EasilyDo Mail’ is a fast & smart iPhone mail app with AI – New app

These days email apps for your smartphone are plentiful & cheap. Saying that they’re a dime a dozen would be an understatement as they tend to be free & feature-laden. Most people are not amenable to switching once they’ve hit their stride with one of the market leaders. So what reason would anyone have to try ‘EasyDo Mail’?

Yahoo’s email end-to-end encryption coming soon, but will German email service beat it to it?

Both, Google & Yahoo have been working on such an end-to-end encryption facility for email. On Sunday, at the SXSW, Yahoo talked of its progress on this front. Expectations are the encryption plugin could come in by the year-end, but the entire back-end process is complicated.

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Email client Mailbird to launch new version on March 12 – Press Note

Mailbird 2.0 is adapted to how Online users manage communication & business development today. The new version is made for the ever-changing & evolving modern work flow. The team behind Mailbird & the software both focus on educating better means of managing productivity through Online communication.