7 Siri alternatives for Android: Google Now, Cortana, & more

Our phones aren’t merely devices we use to call the people we like (and some folks that we don’t). They’ve become friends. No, they’re now life partners. We take them with us everywhere, even places we would never take the people we love, like the toilet. We cuddle up with them at night and start our day with their company. But this relationship isn’t one of pure affection. Our phones serve us. They’re personal assistants. No matter how many times you ask your phone the same question, it doesn’t get annoyed. Even when it doesn’t know the answer, it will try.

Cortana can translate into 40 languages in Windows 10

Microsoft announced that its Cortana virtual digital assistant can make instant translations in nearly 40 languages in Windows 10 in the US & China. The capability to translate words & even entire sentences comes courtesy of the Microsoft Translator app.

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Siri, Cortana, Google Now, here comes FB Messenger’s M

It all started with Apple’s digital assistant Siri, then there was Microsoft’s Cortana along with Google’s Now, & now there’s Facebook’s M. The social network Messenger app debuted its Artificial Intelligence-based assistant called M in the San Francisco, USA area, & immediately sent the Web into a tizzy. Inevitable comparisons are now being made between M & its soon-to-be-rivals.

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You can now use Microsoft’s Cortana on Android

IT major Microsoft’s digital assistant, the rival of Apple Siri, Cortana, is now available in public beta for Android users. Microsoft said in a blog post that the Cortana app on Android was “the companion to your Windows 10 PC”, extending Cortana’s functionality across any device you carry, everywhere you go.

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