Google, Amazon clash over YouTube – News

Something’s happening between Google & Amazon, & something’s not right. Google has reportedly decided against the Amazon Echo Show to access YouTube. If you ask the smart speaker to show you a YouTube video, it fails, with Alexa simply saying: Currently, Google is not supporting Youtube on Echo Show. Go, figure.

Reports: BBC News, Seeking Alpha, CNBC, 9to5Google

Windows 10 will come on flash drives

All of you out there awaiting the official release of Microsoft’s Windows 10, here’s more news, as the countdown to the July 29, 2015 starts. The OS will now be available on a flashdrive, so no more dependance on a DVD. Also, Amazon had started booking pre-orders from today.

Reports: Forbes, Ars Technica, Business Insider

FacialNetwork to launch 3D face authentication phone app – Press note

The app, available soon in the App Store and on Google Play, provides instant account access to hundreds of companies including Wells Fargo, Chase, Bank of America & Citi as well as Amazon, Paypal, Expedia, Salesforce, ADT, ADP, E-trade, Ticketmaster, among others.

Amazon to give away select Android apps for free under promotional feature?

Online reports seem to suggest that the world famous e-commerce Site is planning to launch “Unlocked” soon. Under this promotional feature, users will be able to select & download apps from Amazon apps store for free.

Reports: TechCrunch, Android Authority (blog), 9 to 5 Google, BGR