This ‘Substitute Phone’ helps smartphone “addicts” kick the habit

This article was 1st published on our sister Site, Digital World Native.

You know the feeling…. you’re lined up waiting for a coffee or for your Chinese takeout. In the meantime, you’re bored & you reach for the iPhone or Android device in your pocket to check your Instagram feed, your Messenger or WhatsApp chats… whatever, it doesn’t matter, you just need that quick adrenaline rush that only playing with your phone can bring.

You don’t need to fret no longer. An Austrian designer has come to the rescue with a product called theSubstitute Phone that looks & feels just like an ordinary touchscreen phone, but where the screen should be are a bunch of embedded stone beads.

The phone is a black slab made from polyoxymethylene (POM), a thermoplastic or synthetic polymer commonly used in parts that require high stiffness, low friction & dimensional stability. It does an excellent job of simulating the feeling of a phone.

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