‘Statusy’ delivers customizable status pages for your Online services – #Startup

If you provide SaaS Online services then your business depends on keeping yourself & your customers informed about downtime. Statusy will keep track of issues related to downtime, caused by bugs, server crashes, DDoS attacks… & users will be sent to a hosted status page to inform them of the situation.

Statusy lets you customize your list of company provided services, & present a status page in keeping with your own branding & design. Using their API you can make it so customers will be redirected to the Statusy hosted status page whenever something bad happens.

If you have planned maintenance downtime or just discovered that 1 of your servers is down, you can publish the incident on your Statusy status page. Your customers will automatically be notified via social media or email.

Whenever unforeseen circumstances take your services down, you can just launch the status page, which is hosted independently by Statusy, while you concentrate on fixing your problems at hand. Most of your customers will appreciate the transparency & understand that sometimes services can be down, but not keeping them informed in a timely manner is inexcusable.

There are other players in this space, like Statuspage, but Statusy provides a similar service, aimed at startups & small businesses at a more affordable price. The startup is led by developers from Thailand & from the Minneapolis-St. Paul area in the US.

Pricing starts with the “Basic” plan, for startups & devs for US $10/month, which includes:

  • Unlimited Team Members
  • Chat & Email support
  • Email notifications (5000 emails)
  • Twitter notifications
  • Custom domain
  • Basic customization
  • RESTful API
  • Two-Factor Authentication

The “Professional” plan is meant for teams & businesses. It costs US $30/month & adds the following to the basic plan:

  • Quick Support (24h response)
  • Email notifications (10000 emails)
  • Webhook notifications
  • Slack integration
  • SMS notifications (coming soon)
  • Full whitelabeling
  • Private status page (Internal status pages)
  • Custom SSL Certificate

An “Enterprise” plan is also available for mid-large size organizations, for which you need to contact Statusy for a price. It adds a direct emergency contact, 99.99% high availability SLA, SSO & custom integrations. 


– This is a startup profile based on publicly available material & not a review –  
Image Credit: Statusy

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