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If you’re a busy guy or gal, getting your daily work done on a PC can get difficult the more apps & browser tabs you open. To regain order & be smart about it you might want to give ‘station’ a go. It adapts to the way you work by letting you switch between all your work apps in 1 click & it’s free.

Normally you have to navigate among multiple browser tabs, menu bar icons & desktop apps to get to the stuff you need: Github, Gmail, Github, Google Sheets, Slack, etc. With station you can easily bookmark the work that most interests you & retake your work in a clean work environment the next day.

Browsers aren’t a very efficient way of organizing your work environment & desktop Operating Systems don’t do a very good job either. Station started from scratch to build an efficient & effective work environment.

Station’s Smart Dock serves as the main focus for keeping all your tabs & apps neatly organized, while the Unified search feature lets you easily find any page or data you may have saved across all your apps. You don’t have to remember where you left your info as you can switch between as many pages or docs as you want.

The Notification Center lets you visualize & organize the way you receive notifications so that you won’t be bothered by constant interruptions. It lets you regain complete control over notifications across all your apps. There’s also a “focus mode” available that lets you “keep a cool head when you most need it.”

Station is not a resource hog & employs a resource manager to intelligently manage your PCs memory & CPU, so “slow-downs are a thing of the past.” The tool supports 300+ apps, with new ones being added every week, & multiple accounts are supported.

At this time station can be downloaded for free from the product page. The France-based startup plans a future “station for Teams” paid version. 

– This is a startup profile based on publicly available material & not a review – 
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