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The lives of folks that are starting Online tech companies are full of hardships & indecisions as they try to navigate through the murky waters of making new ideas work. One of the riskiest decisions faced by startups is where to find the right partners to help get the ball rolling on the new ventures & to point them on a path leading to success & profitability.

‘Startup Hand’ is a Website that seeks to help organizations that are just starting out by providing easy access to 3rd party tools & resources which will help with common business needs such as design, development, analytics, customer support, productivity, raising of capital, & the many other things they need.

The Iowa, US-based company provides a comprehensive, structured, categorized directory where a user can navigate & search for specialized resources by subject area as well as by geographic region. Each resource, typically provided by a service company, is featured in a pane with a small description next to its logo, a location, user-generated rating with Amazon style reviews, & a link to its offering.

The resources listed are generally relevant to the category at hand, & are, apparently, curated for relevancy & content quality. Looking through a number of them, one gets the impression that quite a bit of groundwork has been done by Startup Hand to, at least, get the ball rolling.

Like the audience it hopes to serve, Startup Hand is definitely in an early startup phase. Its design is polished and navigation is easy and fast, and the offering of resources is generous and interesting, but due to the short time it’s been live, not a lot of user-generated content is yet available (this is especially noticeable in the scarcity of ratings and reviews).  Also, this is a free Web-based service & does not offer a mobile app, which would definitely be an excellent future add-on feature.

Similar offerings

Startupstash.com is another Online property, based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, which tries to provide a similar service to what Startup Hand is doing. It claims to be a “curated directory of resources and tools”, to help you build a startup. This Website is very similar to Startup Hand in scope, but lacks the latter’s user-generated content features and map-centric navigation.

Finally, Startup Hand shouldn’t be confused with another service called Startuphand.com, which has been around for much longer and is actually more of a classic Web design, or consulting firm, & is based in Mumbai, India. As its name implies, it too caters to startups & their needs, but in a more traditional setting.

– This post is merely a startup profile based on publicly available information & not a review. – 
Image Credit: Startup Hand
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