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If you’re an organization that’s looking for a way to engage employees within your workplace or with your clients at an event, or want to do targeted promotions, Content, games, contests & other sponsor activities at a sporting event, then you might want to check out this new app.

‘SpotCues’ creates an instant social network for people at a common location (“Spot”) & delivers location relevant Content & features. It connects users with each other at the Spot, such as with colleagues while at work, by driving adoption around employee engagement initiatives through a community participation model, or by engaging with other fans while watching your favorite game at the stadium.  It comes with a pre-built library of micro-apps & engagement programs or you can build and deploy your own.

Besides the gameday & the company employee Spot examples, SpotCues also talks about another user engagement scenario on its Website: the “Residential Apartment Spot”, which aims to galvanize your residential community through social interactions & participation. The idea is to nurture your community by enhancing the residential dwelling experience through enabling residents to manage package tracking, maintenance requests, amenities booking, etc. directly from their mobile devices.

SpotCues connects users by identifying the physical presence of the users at a location, & connecting them in real time. It can use geofencing or geolocation tech to detect all employees at an office or fans at an event or location, & instantly connects them, or by detecting a target audience connected to an enterprise WiFi network & instantly joining them together.

With SpotCues you can customize the user experience for each spot. It enables spot owners to curate the user experience with Content & features suited to that location. This enables spot owners the ability to drive participation & engagement of users through custom programs. The micro-apps cover such things as events, announcements, recognition, contribution, timeline & marketplace. Data can be gathered from users’ social interactions & then aggregated & published to promote further engagement.

SpotCues is available for free on Google Play & on the Apple App Store. You can launch at a single Spot: an office or apartment building, for example, without charge, but you’ll have to shell out for the premium version if you want to create multiple, interconnected spots at other locations.  Remote access for the premium version cost US $1/user/month. If you want to discuss a custom implementation you can contact the Mountain View, California, US-based startup here.

Click here to download SpotCues on your Android device.

Click here to download SpotCues on your iOS device.

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Image Credit: SpotCues
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