’Speech Recognition Anywhere’ lets you control Internet with voice – #Startup

With this Chrome browser extension you can fill out Web forms, text area or surf the Web with your…. voice. When you speak, the extension’s voice recognition engine recognizes your voice & types the text into any form on any Web page.


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After installing the Speech Recognition Anywhere extension the tab will open & you can start speaking so that everything you say will appear in the main text box. You can then issue commands, like go to google.com & say out loud any query you want the search engine to process.

After you state your text, say “submit” or “press enter” to execute the enter key & you’ll get a page with the query’s result. You can tell the page to “scroll down” or up, “clear box” to execute another query, etc, & finally tell it to click on a portion of the text containing a link to go to that query result.

You can do things like say “play funny cat videos on a new tab” & it will do just what you ask. You can tell it to go to next or previous field with your voice, fill in the fields on the form with your voice & a bunch of other functionality.

It works with English & with dozens other languages as well, letting you switch between language input easily. It’s easy to dictate emails & online documents. Other interesting features of the extension are:

  • Go to the next or previous field with your voice
  • Go to any web page with your voice
  • Switch tabs & navigate Web pages with your voice
  • Scroll page up or down
  • Click on links & buttons with your voice
  • Say “Show labels” to see labels to buttons on a page
  • Say “Play (name of artist or song)” to play music instantly
  • Text to Speech (tts)
  • 3 custom voice commands
  • Scripting

Speech Recognition Anywhere also has a paid mode where you can unlock its “full” features, adding the following functionality:

  • Virtual Assistant Mode
  • Use Voice Activation Wake Up Phrase: (Examples: ‘Ok Google’, ‘Computer’, ‘Alexa’, ‘Hey Siri’, ‘Hey Cortana’)
  • Start “Speech Recognition Anywhere” when Chrome starts (Always Listening)
  • Start “Speech Recognition Anywhere” in the background
  • Submit search fields automatically
  • Pause “Speech Recognition Anywhere” if audio is playing in a tab
  • Prevent system from sleeping while “Speech Recognition Anywhere” is listening
  • Prevent screen from sleeping while “Speech Recognition Anywhere” is listening
  • Unlimited custom voice commands

The Speech Recognition Anywhere extension is under development by California, USA-based Sea Breeze Computers & is free for the basic, trial package. The “full” package can be bought from the Google Chrome Web Store for €7.49. This is the store link

– This is a startup profile based on publicly available material & not a review –

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