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speakeasyIt looks like now there’s an easy & fun way to use an iPhone or Android device to directly translate your voice into emojis & seamlessly send them via SMS, Twitter, Facebook & email. As more & more people are getting caught up on the emoji bandwagon, ‘SpeakEmoji: The voice-to-emoji translator’ is an app for smartphones that might just be the ticket to help you decipher & create these popular symbols. It’s free on the Apple Store & Google Play.

While the use of emoji characters in circulation keeps growing on popular messaging & social apps, ‘SapientNitro’, via its London-based offices, has developed this ‘translator’ that takes the input from the mike on a smartphone & turns it into emoji graphic characters. It also does the reverse, that is, it turns incoming emojis into actual English words.

As the chubby, middle aged hipster on SapientNitro’s promotional video points out, you really need this app to be hip & cool & to communicate with youngsters these days. The app wants to become an indispensable tool for understanding ‘emoji’ – touted as the new universal language – & to help bridge the digital divide. It supports a library of nearly 900 emoji graphic characters & uses state-of-the-art voice recognition tech.

If you want to try SpeakEmoji out without installing it on your phone, go to the product website: Here you can find a limited functionality web version of the app as well as the funny promotional video.

Even if you’re already fluent in ‘emoji’, it’s still a lotta fun to use. I know I had a few good laughs with it.

SapientNitro is the company behind this app & is best known as a digital ad Agency. It boasts a wide global presence & according to its corporate Website, it seeks to “help brands create meaningful impact in the world of a consumer” through an approach called ‘Storyscaping’.

Click here to download SpeakEmoji on your Android.

Click here to download SpeakEmoji on your iOS.

– This post is merely a startup profile based on publicly available information & not a review. –
Image Credit: SapientNitro
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