‘Somethingelsie’ ignores faces & encourages scenery

somethingelsieIt’s an app for the iPhone that actively ignores selfies & other photos that contain human faces so that you can share them with friends. It claims to be “the photo sharing app for sharing experiences rather than selfies”.

So you’re tired of apps that share photos plagued with smiling faces, especially the all-pervasive selfies that seem to be taking over the net, you just can’t get away from them. Or can you?  Have no fear, ‘Somethingelsie’ is coming to the rescue. It’s meant for users who really like the great outdoors (or indoors for that matter), but without those odious human faces that take away from the beauty of the inanimate objects you so love. And don’t forget one of the other great sustaining meme generators of the Internet: cats, they will definitely remain relevant when you use this app (as will dogs & other animals & plants – just as long as they’re not humans).

Basically, the app checks your pictures for faces before they’re uploaded, then your friends receive them as soon as they are taken. You’re only shown new photos, & they disappear after you view them.

The app was developed by Tom Coomer from the British Smudge Inc Web Development Studio. The company also has other iOS apps on offer such as GoRide, a social network for motorcyclists & Teek, an intelligent messaging app that predicts your next sentence (it’s also available for Android). Smudge Inc also offers App Design Studio, mobile software for designing the user interface for iPhone apps.

Click here to download Somethingelsie on your iOS device.

– This post is merely a startup profile based on publicly available information & not a review. –
Image Credit: Somethingelsie




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