Smartphone users will not run out of storage space with this app – New app

litlThis holiday season, do you want 1 GB of free Cloud storage? For free? Why holiday season, you can get it any time you want, for that matter. Then you can have all your photos (about 400 of them) & videos (that’s 24 15-second ones) right where you need them. You can show them to anyone, whenever you want, from any device you want. Are you 1 of the 62 million smartphone users who is tired of running out of space on his phone when capturing special moments? Okay, enough of  “posers”.

A “smart” app developer has decided to rectify the problem, which it predicts, is set to only get bigger. Called ‘Room for More’, this freeing-up-space on your phone app has been developed by Litl, a privately funded product innovator based out of Boston, MA, USA. Apt name for such an app, right?

The developer claims that with smartphone cameras upping their game, the number of users wanting more storage for their pictures & videos is bound to rise. Users of smartphones also text, download & use apps, store notes & receive voicemails. Storage is quality real estate for them. John Chuang is the innovator who has developed the app, & Litl is part of the parent company, Aquent.

The app lets you:

  • Move your photos & videos from your phone to Room for More, freeing up your space
  • Allows you to see them anywhere
  • View images securely on the Web
  • Retrieve them anytime with a button, back to your phone

Room for More gives you 1 GB space free when you sign up but after that, it comes at a price of 15 cents per GB per month. Which frankly speaking is not much….but why pay when you have DropBox? Well, we guess the differentiator is Room for More is the easiest & quickest way to free up space right on your phone or Tablet. Plus, the host of other features these guys promise.

– This post is merely a startup profile based on publicly available information & not a review. –
Image Credit: litl
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