Slack now comes as a Windows desktop app

For those of you out there who use team communication tool Slack, here’s some news. Slack is now available as a Windows app. It was always available for use on the desktop through a browser in Windows but the app is different, & comes bundled with several features.

An announcement on the Slack official blog said this: Slack for Windows brings all the functionality you get in your browser into a standalone version that sits, contentedly, on your desktop. It runs on Windows 7 and above (even the Windows 10 Preview!), installs simply, updates itself automatically, and remains generally courteous throughout.

Using Slack in a browser means opening up numerous tabs. Then, if your team is large, it makes the “tab” business even more cumbersome. To overcome this, the Windows app has a feature called, Team Switcher. This allows you to keep all members of your teams on the left side of your PC screen, each with their own notification count, ordered however you see fit (with handy keyboard shortcuts, too).



The Slack desktop notifications, too, have been spiced up in the Windows app. “Each one is hand-crafted & locally sourced to match your team’s theme,”said the blog post.

Another feature allows Slack for Windows to be pushed in the “tray”at the bottom end of the screen when the window is closed. Clicking the tray icon will summon the app to do your bidding once more. The Windows app also automatically launches on login.

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Image Credit: Slack


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