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Simpli is a mobile productivity app that integrates all your apps, including email, calendars, notes, & lists, with Cloud storage access & custom tags across all your data.

It’s not exactly ERP, but the concept is somewhat similar. Simpli allows you to integrate data across all your apps & work with all of them through a single & simpler, lighter interface.

Simpli will enhance your productivity by freeing up precious time otherwise wasted throughout the day switching between various apps that function as isolated silos walled off from each other by their app developers.

Key features that you might like in Simpli include a unified home screen that shows a complete snapshot of your day. This includes everything from a view for the emails received, upcoming meetings, notes & reminders for the day.

It also adds some amount of cross-app functionality. For example, you can add a note to an email using Simpli, so that you can then see it both in the inbox & in the notes module. This means you don’t have to have email yourself or spend time additionally using a notes app.

Similarly, you can read Content & watch videos in your email, without leaving the app. This means you don’t have to waste time switching between apps to read or see Content included in emails.

The app also has a calendar that integrates your Google calendar. A list making feature allows you to use lists with sub-lists & reminders.

2 very useful features are the custom tags that Simpli allows you to add across all your data, & the integration with Cloud storage through your Dropbox account for a seamless workflow.

Click here to download the Simpli mobile productivity app for iOS devices from the App Store. You can also access it on the developer’s Website as a Web tool.

The Simpli productivity app was developed by Simpli Development Ltd. The company, which is officially located on the Isle of Man, was founded in April 2015 by Alex Morar & Simina Mut.

- This post is merely a startup profile based on publicly available information & not a review. -
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